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By private limousine Mercedes class "E"

 Every night. Pick-up at hotels at about 9:00 p.m.
  • Zodiaco
  • Ponte Milvio
  • Gianicolo
  • Velabro
  • Giardino degli Aranci
  • Key Hole with views of San Pietro
  • St. Paul Church (near Colosseum)
  • Belvedere (Colosseo e fori)

A viewpoint among the stars to dream. Evocative landscape difficult to find in other cities in the world. You can wander the old town up to the Castelli Romani, remained fascinated by the vision of the Apennines in the background. An inspirational place, an atmosphere made romantic sight at night.

Ponte Milvio
Tradition says engaged couple write their names on a padlock. Tie the padlock to a lamppost or something made of metal, then, throw away the key into the Tiber promising eternal love. The bridge is 'the most' ancient. Rome and Julius Caesar cross it the with his troops. The bridge so "lasting" is called as witness of love declared.

Lovers can shake here in the dim light of lanterns and walk among the tree-lined avenues. Admiring the horizons have confirmation of how the world is small, but their love. From the lighthouse, more 'intimate of the main terrace, it shows off the imagination and talent helped by a resplendent view.
The statue of Anita suggests the strength of feeling that follows its hero with whom to share his fate of adventure and danger.

Bocca della Verita '
Man must make a statement taking a hand in the Bocca della Verita'. If it is sincere he can withdraw the hand safely otherwise it will be cut off.
Just put a hand and say "I love you" to your partner to make feeling safer. Guarantees the mouth. The legend of the mask that eats the hands of liars makes many reluctant to swear fake handing down the legend.

Hole with a view of St. Peter through the keyhole
Love limited to two. Of the lock of the door of the Knights of Malta, on the Aventine, we have a restricted view but original: you can look at St. Peter "through the keyhole." In fact the hole in the door of the Palazzo dei Cavalieri you see the dome of St. Peter. The whole garden, the gate and the square are also designed to allow this optical effect.

The garden of orange
A seducing spirits and looks and the surprise of the garden: that viewpoint overlooking the city, with a direct view on its monuments, from the dome of St. Peter. This is where couples huddle and kissing. Typical of those we love. This and the terrace of lovers. The scent of orange spices wins the lovers shyness. The garden is one of the most romantic of the city'.

The view is wonderful in his sleep, mumbling to the girl are happy. "This and the magic of Rome in the solemn forms and friendly relations. Stop the lookout above the sky of Rome, to enjoy a kiss "with a view".

Price per person (Minimum 2 People)


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* Each hour more 'will be' counted in 50 Euro (total not per person)

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